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California Missionary Dismissed by NAMB

Posted by Alethes (Truthful) Baptist on July 17, 2006

I’m not sure what I think about this. The article is certainly one-sided, but it does present a story that seems compelling on the surface. If anyone has greater insight into this situation, please comment and let us know what is happening.

Charis humin,

Alethes (Truthful) Baptist


One Response to “California Missionary Dismissed by NAMB”

  1. Ron West said

    The NAMB trustee making the most noise, Ron Wilson, has a long history of making false accusations of heresy against theological conservatives. While serving as an FMB/IMB trustee, he accused our missionaries of spreading heresy and being neo-orthodox in theology.
    The California Baptist Convention has repudiated his attacks. The association has asked him to apologize. Evidently NAMB trustees feel no accounatbility to state conventions, associations, local churches or the theological conservatives in the SBC.

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