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Posted by Alethes (Truthful) Baptist on June 23, 2006

I don't know if I will contribute much to what Dorcas Hawker and Villa Rica have labeled as 'Blog Town'. I hope I'm a welcomed resident, even though my annual income won't allow me to buy anything other than a cheap lot at the end of town :(. Ministry keeps me from commenting too often on the blogs of many but I have been actively and passively involved in the major issues of the Southern Baptist Convention for the last ten months. I look forward to submitting my thoughts on 'all things Southern Baptist' while always doing so in humility and meekness. There are times, I suspect, where sternness will be employed. However, like Paul, I might speak harshly now so that when we meet together I can have a different tone (Gal. 4.20).

May God be magified as we consider together how to dialogue about the Southern Baptist Convention.

Charis humin,

Alethes (Truthful) Baptist


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